Colonic Hydrotherapy is a warm internal bath that gently and deeply cleanses the colon of toxins, gas and faecal matter.

Todays hectic, stressfull society combined with the modern western diet creates the perfect conditions for the body to accumulate toxic waste build up.
The average person can hold 5 - 15 pounds of old waste in their bodies, this old waste, gas and toxins build up in the body and create a state of general un-wellness and a state of toxicity in the body, this toxicity is then re-asorbed into the body, a state of self-poisoning.
The western diet includes wheat, sugar, dairy and many more very refined foods these foods are mucous creating. This mucous creates deposits in the colon which leads to inadequate elimnation which then in turn leads to the feelings of bloatedness and discomfort that many people experience on a daily basis.

Colonic Hydrotherapy helps to remove these deposits and relieve symptoms which enables better absorption of nutrients from your diet and over-all health

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