Both Marilyn and Louise are fully qualified members of ARCH (Association and Register of Colonic Hydrotherapists)

Marilyn was formerly the owner of Bexleyheath Natural Health Clinic in Bexleyheath which has been in operation for the last 22 years. Marilyn also practised within the Clinic as a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Regression therapist.
Louise managed the Clinic for 21 of those 22 years whilst practising as a Neuro- developmental Therapist.
Both have used Homoeopathy and various other alternative therapies personally over the years and as such have a deep interest in all forms of alternative healing.
Due to their experience in owning and running an alternative health practice for many years have access to many very well qualified and experienced therapists in whom they would entrust your health should they need to refer you on to in addition to your Colonic Hydrotherapy.
As Colonic therapists they also attend regular CPD ( continued professional development ) events and workshops therefore expanding their knowledge in the field of colonics and complimentary treatments.

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